Purnima Metal and Plastic Works is a custom manufacturer of acrylic displays and supplies. We have the knowledge and in-shop capabilities to meet our customers' requirements while keeping very competitive prices. All of our products are designed with the highest quality materials available and are made to withstand the daily use of the retail industry.

Our experience of over 35 years in the acrylic industry, combined with our knowledge and ability help us to work with all clients, regardless of their experience with acrylic fabrication. Provide us with your and our ideas and we can do the rest! We know from experience that good communication and strong interaction with our customers help to create the best products possible without sacrificing quality.

Some of our services include:

Full in-house acrylic fabrication, prototyping, product design, short-run and long-run productions. We provide a variety of materials, including: Acrylic - colors or clear, Polycarbonates, PVC, PP, HDPE, LDPE, Poly-Urethane (PU), and Teflon. Because we are the custom fabricator, all our products are made to fit the exact specification of our customers.Plastic Sheets: Acrylic sheets, Polycarbonate sheets, Poly-Propylene Sheets, Teflon, Poly-Urethane, P.V.C. and Flute Board (Corrugated sheets)

Plastic Products: Moments , Awards, dust proof boxes, Cover for specialized and sophisticated instruments, Windows for the aircraft, oil level display in transformer,  protection cover on machinery, Test tube holder,  brochure holders, comment boxes,  displays and frames, windows and skylights and same items with other material.



Acrylic File Cabinat
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