Purnima Metal & Plastic Works

PURNIMA METAL AND PLASTIC WORKS is in business since (1984) and carry out a complete line of the plastic and insulation items. We are the manufacturer, supplier and fabricator of the Plastic and Insulation materials as below.

Plastic material: Acrylics, Poly-Carbonate, PVC

Insulation material: Paper / Fabric based Bakelite sheets, Glass Epoxy Resin sheets

Insulation/Plastic: Acrylic, Poly-Carbonate, Poly-Propylene Sheets, Teflon, Poly-Urethane

Fabrication facility: Precise cutting and machining of the soft metal (Copper, Aluminum, Brass) parts. Specialized in slant cutting of the copper and aluminum strip for the induction heating system. Other fabrication work.


 Use of the Acrylics and Poly-Carbonates:

          Purnima Metal and Plastic Works is your unique source for one of the most extensive selections of visual merchandising and point-of-purchase (POP) display components. Eye catching award winning designs. Our Point of Purchase Displays include: Trade Show, Retail Store, Marketing and Advertising, Packaging, Awards, Cases, Machine Guards, Prototypes, Defense industries and more.

Acrylic Sheets: Acrylic and Poly-Carbonate are available in the form of Sheets, Pipes, and Rods. Also available in clear, color, or translucent. Different sheet sizes, colors, various thickness and products available at our Vallabh Vidhyanagar site.

Clear Acrylic Sheets:  Acrylic sheets come in wide range of sizes and thicknesses. The characteristics of the acrylic sheet include: durability, clarity, consistent quality, versatility, weather resistance, lightweight and safety, UV resistance, Chemical Resistance and outstanding performance. Acrylic sheets have excellent light transmission - clearer than glass! It will not turn yellow after prolonged sun exposure. *

        We perform fabrication of acrylics and engineer plastics to customers’ specifications. We can go from prototype to production. From handcrafted fabrication to full production - WE DO IT ALL - for industries and individuals! Acrylic is used to make various products. We have been manufacturing mementos, awards, dust proof boxes, cover for specialized and sophisticated instruments, protection cover on machinery, test tube holders, brochure holders, comment boxes, acrylic displays and frames, windows and skylights for over 20 years. We are sure you will find our products as seen on the web site will solve many of the requirements of your business.

Acrylic Photo Gallery

*Highly depend on the time of exposure to sunlight, surrounding temperature and thickness of the material. 




Use of the Insulation:

Purnima Metal and Plastic Works is the best source for the industrial insulation materials.

Phenolic resin and paper based laminate, phenolic sheet, phenolic laminate, bakelite plate sheet. They are widely used as insulating structural parts of machinery and electric equipments, such as electric generator, switchgear, punch component, Profiles, Base for the panels, Oil seal ring for the hoist, Insulation strip for the electro magnate, Bobbin for the transformer, non magnetic gears etc. 

Thin sheets of epoxy-fiberglass usually green in color are commonly used for insulating PCB's and electronic assemblies with potentially sharp projections and used as suitable slots in various electric motors  . Puncture resistance is superb even for sheets thin enough to be quite flexible. It is very high grade insulation used in HVAC/DC applications.

Insulation Photo Gallery

Metal Febrication

Use of Metal Febrication:

Purnima Metal and Plastic Works known for Preciseness and accuracy.  Precise cutting and machining of the soft metal (Copper, Aluminum, Brass) parts. Specialized in slant (Tappered) cutting of the copper and aluminum strip for the induction heating furnace system.


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